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Avalon Foods

We Value Quality

AVALON FOODS was founded in 2001, and in 2004 the AS MAAG GRUPP then in 2019 the MEST FOOD joined as the shareholders, so we now stand as strong and solid partners in our domestic and international activities.

The Company acted originally as an agent, but developed from a pure meat trading company, to now having two packing and cutting plants. We are proud to announce that our plant for pork products in Korytków (PL30274202WE) was recently approved and now operates to BRC quality standards – version 8 (site code: 4859670).

Every year we participate in world food exhibitions in order to market our Company and products, so we are widely established and recognized.

We have two brands, Avalon Foods and Foodway, the latter represents our premium standards, both in packaging and quality, for selected markets.

We run sales offices in Qingdao, China and Manila, Philippines, to ensure close contact with significant markets and customers.

We sell meat to a great numbers of countries in many parts of the world. We welcome all clients to do business with us.


AVALON FOODS is based in Poland, the agricultural center of Central Europe, with fruit, vegetables and meat: pork, beef and poultry

We want to learn from our customers, about their needs and demands. We travel a lot, all over the world to observe and note other markets, as no market has it twin.

Individual markets have individual needs and expectations but we strive to understand and adapt our actions.

Quality is a very valued and crucially important matter to us. In our teams we have quality inspectors who travel around the country to inspect the products we buy. We want to be sure that when the products arrive at our factory, they are in 100 % and accordance with our contract and expectations.

We aspire to a long term relationship with our suppliers and customers.